Drama Scholarship

Important Information
The Scholarship

  • The scholarship is awarded to a prospective year 7 pupil who displays a marked talent or potential for, and a noteworthy commitment to, Drama.
  • The Drama scholarship may be awarded to any girl who successfully passes the entrance assessments for
    year 7.
  • The scholarship value is usually up to 10% of the annual school fee and is expected to be held continuously from year 7 to year 13.
  • The scholar’s progress and involvement in Performing Arts in the school will be reviewed annually and the award may be withdrawn if this is unsatisfactory.

The Application

  • The application form must be completed by Friday 4 November 2022, including:
    ❖ Details of your daughter’s latest exam grade certificates (if applicable, copies may be requested)
    ❖ At least one reference that comment on achievements, potential and commitment, alongside any other
    relevant information
  • Candidates will be notified if they have or have not been selected for an audition after the deadline.

The Audition

The format of the audition will be designed to allow each pupil an equal opportunity regardless of experience. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to an audition on either the morning or afternoon of Friday 9 December.

The auditions will be held in a small workshop group, offering each pupil the opportunity to perform individually and with others. The workshop will last approximately one hour. Applicants will be required to prepare a poem or monologue of no more than one minute in length for the audition.

In the case of COVID-19 restrictions, candidates will be asked to submit a recording with set requirements, details of which will be outlined in a letter following the application deadline.


Applicants will be informed of the decision when they receive their entrance examination results in February.
The Director of Drama’s decision is final. Brief written feedback for all shortlisted candidates will be included in the letter informing you of the outcome.

Fiona Eastaugh
Director of Drama

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