INSET: Being fearless!

Our Inset on “Being Fearless” set out to encourage the prep and the senior schools to collaborate to share creative and innovative techniques that they felt enhanced the quality of learning and levels of engagement in and beyond the classroom. We are aware that from the GDST’s research that our girls often struggle to take risks, to accept and learn from failure and to sometimes ‘work smart’. We know that we as their facilitators and role models have a duty to model such practice. In light of this each Friday has now been re-branded as “Fearless Friday” where we take the lead, trial new initiatives or revisit established ones to ensure we ourselves as well as the girls consistently grow, guide, flourish and fly.

The inset was really enlightening

– Sarah Kamalagharan, Economics Teacher

Photos below include the INSET and some fearlessness being put into practice during a maths lesson!