Managing the transition from nursery to school

The first day of school is a significant milestone for children and their families, and the start of each new academic year is an exciting time in all schools.

Although this is an unusual time for the global community, the summer is a great time for parents to start building the positive foundations for this exciting new chapter and there are several things that parents can do to support a smooth transition when their child starts school in September.

Develop Confidence:

Over the summer, practise making the journey to and from your child’s new school, using the method of transport that your child will be using on a daily basis. This will help build confidence and familiarity with this new routine.

Develop Routines:

Schools are exciting places and with a wealth of new activities and experiences on offer, starting school can be tiring for young children so ensuring that your child is in a good bedtime routine before starting school is important. In the weeks leading up to the start of school, encourage your child to go to bed at the time he or she will be going to bed during term time.

Develop Skills:

Some valuable skills to equip your child with include being able to go to the toilet, feed, dress and undress themselves independently as well as ask for help when necessary. Worry less about their ability to recite the alphabet and colours of the rainbow.

Develop Friendships:

Building friendships provides an extra layer of confidence as your child starts school. Find out if any other new school starters live locally to you and set up a summer holiday meet.

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