Using RAGs to their full potential

Dr Wallace and Mrs Vaughan wanted to highlight the flexibility of this resource stored in the back of our girl’s planners. These are a great way of encouraging hands down questioning to ensure all pupils contribute throughout lessons and for teachers to effectively identify their confidence and monitor progress. They are also a useful way to form an opinion line and pass ownership to the pupils during whole class discussions.

Seven Super Ways with RAGS:
1. Assess whole class and individual understanding/confidence of tasks
2. Assess whole class and individual understanding of new ideas
3. Develop pupils understanding of subject matter through active participation (quiz)
4. Develop pupils critical thinking skills through active participation (opinion line)
5. Develop pupils decision making skills through activeparticipation
6. Use to introduce a new topic or theme (true or false)
7. Use to peer or self assess. (link colours to mark schemes/levels)

Things to make sure they are successful:
Train your classes to use them by incorporating them in your lessons consistently.

I love using the RAGs in our class discussions and it is always interesting to see if anyone changes their viewpoint

– Lyla Waller, year 7

I have been using RAG cards mainly with Y7 and it has helped them to work independently and become more resilient. I have used them for writing tasks and pupils would be encouraged to used their books before putting their cards on red. They tend to develop resilience by having a go on their own and only going on to red when they are really stuck. I have also used them for straight forward AFL especially when doing grammar, I can then target certain groups.

– Karine Evans, MFL Teacher