Year 13 Sixth Form

As the youngest of seven girls, who all went to Sydenham High, it’s amazing to have so much history with the school. It’s great to hear about our shared teachers, their memories at the school and seeing their names on the honours boards. Having that history with the school helped me decide to stay for sixth form, and I love it as much as my sisters before me did. The atmosphere is so warm and welcoming, and I know that I wouldn’t be enjoying my final two years of school if I weren’t at Sydenham, receiving all the help with A Levels, as well as University applications.

Every single sister has enjoyed seven years of amazing memories here which have all been shared with me.

One of my sisters worked with the school, which helped her secure a spot in a highly competitive graphic design university in the Netherlands. She now teaches part time in a university in Berlin, as well as working with companies such as Apple and Adidas. She still uses the skills and knowledge that she developed from her years learning and teaching here everyday, and continues to thank Sydenham for her time here. It’s great to know that Sydenham provided her with much support, and that they would do the same for me and all of their students.


Year 7, Senior School

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