Junior School Uniform

Sydenham High Uniform Regulations 2017-18

These uniform regulations apply to Junior School pupils.


  • Girls are expected to identify themselves with Sydenham High School and its ethos by wearing their uniforms neatly and without adaptations.
  • Jewellery: Small stud ear-rings can be worn however these may have to be removed for some activities. No rings, necklaces,  bracelets or wristbands are allowed. Small, discrete watches can be worn.
  • No make-up is allowed, and no coloured nail varnish.
  • Long hair must be tied back, and any hair accessories must be navy blue or a neutral colour. Hair colouring is not permitted, nor should any part of the head be shaved.


  • For school, girls should wear flat, black, leather shoes in a traditional ‘school shoe’ style (no suede, no patent, no sandals, no boots).
  • For sport, a supportive pair of white trainers is required.


Girls may wear a coat of their choice which should be plain blue or black. Pupils in Reception through to Year 2 should bring a Junior School Book Bag to school each day. Pupils in Year 3 to year 6 should bring a Junior School Rucksack to school each day. Both can be purchased from Schoolblazer. PE kit should be brought in a plain navy bag.


All items must be bought our on-line from www.schoolblazer.com. Everything should be named, and a free name-taping service is available through Schoolblazer.

In addition to the above girls need to wear either white or navy ankle or knee length socks. White socks should be worn with PE kit. Trainer socks are not permitted.

There is also a trouser option available.

PE kit

Our bespoke PE Kit is supplied by Schoolwear Solutions and can ordered online at www.schoolwearsolutions.com. Click on the letter ‘S’ to find the school and then click on the Sydenham High logo.

There is also the option of purchasing baselayer items which are optional but please note that no alternatives can be worn.

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