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Sydenham High Uniform Regulations 2019-20

These uniform regulations apply to years 7-11.


  • Girls are expected to identify themselves with Sydenham High School by wearing their uniforms neatly and without adaptations.
  • Jewellery: a simple chain necklace with a small pendant may be worn, as may stud earrings. These may have to be removed for some activities.
  • No make-up is allowed, and no coloured nail varnish for the Lower and Middle School (years 7-9). In the Upper School (years 10-11), make up must be discreet and natural. No false eyelashes or nails are permitted.
  • Long hair should be tied back, and any hair accessories must be navy blue or a neutral colour. No unnatural looking hair colouring is permitted, nor should any part of the head be shaved.
  • No body piercings are allowed, other than a single piercing in each ear lobe.
  • Any girl who wishes to cover her head for religious reasons should use a plain, navy blue headscarf.


  • For school, girls should wear flat, black, leather/synthetic leather shoes in a traditional ‘school shoe’ style (no suede, no patent, no sandals, no canvas, no boots, no trainers).
  • For sport, a supportive pair of trainers is required.


Girls may wear a coat of their choice which should be plain and ideally blue or black. There is no school bag but it is advisable that girls use a sturdy rucksack and an appropriately sized bag for PE kit.


All compulsory uniform  items must be bought online from Everything should be named, and a free name-taping service is available through Schoolblazer.

Compulsory uniform items  

  • Long sleeve or short sleeve revere blouse
  • Tartan skirt (years 7-9) or navy lilac pinstripe skirt (years 10-11). Skirts must reach a girl’s knee.

Please note that all pupils will be required to wear the tartan skirt from September 2019 – after May 2019 the pinstripe skirt will no longer be available.

  • Navy jumper with magenta stripe (years 7-9) or navy jumper with lilac stripe for years 10-11

Please note that all pupils will be required to wear the navy jumper with lilac stripe from September 2019 – after May 2019 jumpers with the magenta stripe will no longer be available.

  • Navy jacket with lilac trim

In addition to the above girls need to wear either navy ankle socks, navy knee length socks, or opaque navy tights. These can be purchased from Schoolblazer. White socks should only be worn with PE kit. Trainer socks are not permitted. There is also a trouser option available which must be purchased from Schoolblazer.

PE kit

Our bespoke PE Kit is supplied by SchoolBlazer and can be ordered online at Click on the letter ‘S’ to find the school and then click on the Sydenham High logo.

Compulsory items

  • Navy/purple sports top
  • Navy/purple skort
  • Navy/purple tracksuit top
  • Navy/purple tracksuit trousers
  • Navy swimsuit with logo
  • Swim cap with logo
  • Navy games socks

There is also the option of purchasing baselayer items which are optional but please note that no alternatives can be worn.

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