11+ Preparation

We are very proud of our status as a through-school for girls aged 4 to 18 where we can offer an exciting and excellent unbroken educational journey. We believe that the very high transfer rate from Prep School to Senior School is a key feature of our success and identity. The Prep School is committed to delivering a robust and systematic preparation programme for all our pupils during the Summer Term of Year 5 and Autumn Term of Year 6.

Our 11+ preparation process is supportive and positive

Our preparation process is supportive and positive, placing our knowledge of the individual pupil at the core. Considerable time is invested in devising a preparation schedule which ensures pupils cover the required 11+ examination curriculum, master requisite examination techniques and experience a variety of practice papers, alongside the development of a growth mindset which fosters a sense of resilience and confidence to deal with the process in a realistic and composed manner. While achievement and performance in the 11+ process is valued and wholeheartedly encouraged, it is only one element of a broad and balanced curriculum.

We believe that by the January of year 6, our pupils are more than ready to meet the high and demanding standard of the 11+ process from all perspectives: academic, emotionally and socially.

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