Connected Curriculum

We are very proud of our bespoke CONNECT+ Curriculum which provides a rich and meaningful context to to the study of History, Geography, Art and Design & Technology and Digital Literacy as well as some aspects of English, Science and RE. Each term the girls are immersed in an engaging and context-rich thematic study which helps them make connections, draw conclusions and apply their learning in creative ways. Our CONNECT+ Curriculum is always developing and is designed to spark the interest, curiosity and passion of our learners as they move through the Prep School. Below is one example of our connected curriculum.

Wonder Women

Year 2 are currently embarking on a discovery of Wonder Women through time, women who have paved the way for future women to excel.

Through our bespoke Connect+ Curriculum the children are reading the Paper Bag Princess (R Munsch) as their quality text starting point for learning about the non-stereotypical fairy tale genre of writing. This book encapsulates the reverse stereotyping of the role of the Princess, giving the children new representations and schema about their gender opportunities. Our pupils are using this foundation to innovate and independently apply their own ideas in the style of this text, demonstrate independence and promote a fear nothing attitude to anything, even flying mythical creatures!

Using ‘Cloaks’, a term synonymous with a well-known Wonder Woman, Year 2 have been exploring that garment as a way of discovering more inspirational women such as Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Edith Cavell. They have been wearing different capes to transport them to different time periods and help them get in role as those women.  Linking DT with this topic has allowed the girls the opportunity to enhance their design and textiles skills, whilst making their own personal cloaks to support their role play.Learning within the classroom is full of engaging opportunities for all. Year 2 will take their learning outside the classroom when they venture to the Florence Nightingale Museum.  

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