Senior School Preparation

We are very proud of our status as a through-school for girls aged 4 to 18 where we can offer an exciting and excellent unbroken educational journey. We believe that the very high transfer rate from Prep School to Senior School is a key feature of our success and identity. The Prep School is committed to delivering a robust and systematic preparation programme for all our pupils during the Summer Term of Year 5 and Autumn Term of Year 6.

Our daughter has had a magical time at Prep School thanks to all the remarkable staff, leadership, opportunities and friends she has made. She has truly flourished and we have you to thank for this. I’m relieved we are only moving up the road and not to another school!

Our preparation process is supportive and positive, placing our knowledge of the individual pupil at the core. Considerable time is invested in devising a preparation schedule which ensures pupils cover the required Senior School examination curriculum, master requisite examination techniques and experience a variety of practice papers, alongside the development of a growth mindset which fosters a sense of resilience and confidence to deal with the process in a realistic and composed manner. While achievement and performance in the Senior School preparation process is valued and wholeheartedly encouraged, it is only one element of a broad and balanced curriculum.

We believe that by the January of year 6, our pupils are more than ready to meet the high and demanding standard of the Senior School preparation process from all perspectives: academic, emotionally and socially.

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