GCSE Design Technology

In Design and Technology, pupils are challenged by the range of practical activities within excellent facilities. They solve real problems through the use of a variety of materials and have the opportunity to evaluate existing products and develop design and making skills throughout year 10 via focused practical tasks and design and make projects. Pupils also have the opportunity to choose from a selection of possible projects to design and make for the year 11 Non Examined Assessment.

Course content

Year 10Year 11
AutumnEnterprise style project to design, manufacture and advertise productsCoursework; designing and making to a theme provided by the examination board
SpringAmplifier and casing design project, including making a prototypeCoursework; designing and making to a theme provided by the examination board
SummerUpcycling: repurposing denim using textile skillsRevision and preparation for the examination


Non Examined Assessment – pupils will complete a design portfolio based on a set task and manufacture their chosen design (50%)
Written exam paper – pupils sit a written paper based on their understanding of Design and Technology (50%)


As part of the Design and Technology GCSE, 15% of the course will include Maths, which will be assessed in both the exam and through the Non Examined Assessment. Science will be covered in all areas of understanding and working with materials. Pupils also have the opportunity to:

  • work alongside the Art department to showcase GCSE and A Level final pieces in the combined Design and Technology and Art Summer Exhibition
  • attend exhibitions at Design shows, museums and galleries

The DT department all previously worked in the Design Industry and possess ‘real world’ design experience with connections to commercial designers. Therefore, the department can find exciting work experience opportunities within the design industry.

Next steps

GCSE Design and Technology leads into A Level Product Design, and crosses over with Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Business Studies, Art and Geography. Design and Technology can lead to a number of exciting career paths. Of course, there is Product, Industrial, Interior, or Automotive design. But what about Architecture and Engineering? Maybe CAD used in the design industry appeals more? This course could lead pupils into manufacturing, and prop and set design. Most of our A Level students have ventured on to a variety of design courses at degree level.

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