Sydenham High has a strong tradition of houses and inter-house events which add another exciting layer of engagement in the wider life of the school. Our well established House system encourages pupils of all ages to mix together while taking part in inter-house activities and competitions which provide invaluable opportunities for taking on responsibility and teamwork, as well as vertical integration.

Every pupil is allocated to one of our four houses when entering the school: Shirreff, Gurney, Stanley and Grey, named after the founders of the school.

Our vibrant house system is integral to the life of the school with a variety of activities actively promoting leadership, creativity and collaboration and vertical integration. Older pupils often act as mentors for younger pupils and as a close community we place huge importance on trust, tolerance and respect and support for each other. There are Heads of House in year 12 and House Leaders in the Upper School.

House events include: House Music, House Drama, Sports Day, Slam Monologue, House Debating, House Sports Tournaments, House Bake Off.

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