A Level Geography

Head of Geography: Mr G Wagg
A Level Geography provides a valuable and comprehensive insight into the dynamic nature and complex interactions between the physical and human environment. It promotes both independence and collaboration. Students will study a range of contemporary issues and ideas, alongside the key theories and concepts that will equip them to understand and evaluate such issues.

Course content
Examination board: Edexcel

Paper 1 – Physical Geography
– Tectonic Processes and Hazards
– The Water Cycle and Water Insecurity
– The Carbon Cycle and Energy Security
– Landscape Systems, Processes and Change: either Glaciated Landscapes and Change or Coastal Landscapes and Change
– Written examination (30% of the qualification)

Paper 2 – Human Geography
– Globalisation
– Shaping Places: Regenerating Places or Diverse Places
– Superpowers
– Global Development and Connections: Health, Human Rights and Intervention or Migration, Identity and Sovereignty
– Written examination (30% of the qualification)

Paper 3 – Synoptic Themes
– Players
– Attitudes and actions
– Futures and uncertainties
– Field trip
– Written examination (20% of qualification)

Paper 4 – Independent Investigation
– 3000-4000 words
– Student defined question or issue
– To incorporate fieldwork and secondary data
– Can be based on any element of the course
– Non-examination (20% of the qualification)

There is a residential field trip in year 12, where there is the opportunity to collect data for the independent investigation as well as learn relevant data collection and analysis techniques. There are opportunities to attend lectures and day trips.

University and beyond
Choosing Geography prepares you for the world of work and helps to develop many transferable skills. Geographers go on to be successful in a wide range of fields, both directly (meteorology, environmental management) and indirectly (charity sector, finance, project management, politics) linked to the subject. Employers recognise that geographers master a range of skills and are excellent at applying these skills in diverse contexts. Research has shown that students who have studied Geography at university are some of the most employable graduates in the job market.

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