A Level PE

Director of Sport: Mrs C Clift
A Level Physical Education consists of a combination of practical and theoretical units. In the practical unit, students will demonstrate their ability in one chosen activity and will be required to either perform or take on the role
of a coach. This is worth 15% of their final
grade. They will also have to observe a performance in their chosen activity and give
a critical verbal or written analysis highlighting strengths and weaknesses and suggesting ways to improve the performance. This is worth 15% of their final grade.

Course content
Examination board: AQA

– Applied anatomy and exercise physiology and biomechanics
– Skill acquisition and sports psychology
– Sport and society and technology in sport

Students will sit two written theory examinations lasting two hours each. The examination papers will be made up of a variety of multiple choice, short answer and extended writing questions. The theoretical unit is worth 70% of their final grade.

We encourage Sixth Form students to maintain their attendance at extra-curricular activities and organise fixtures in a variety of activities throughout the year. This enables them to maintain their fitness and skill levels and provides much needed stress relief and relaxation during these busy examination years. Sixth Form students are also encouraged to run extra-curricular clubs for younger students so they can develop their leadership and communication skills further. This coupled with a commitment to PE clubs and a history of representing the school in sport and physical activity can strengthen university and job applications for Sixth Form students.

University and beyond
With the skills, knowledge and confidence the students acquire in Physical Education along with their excellent qualifications, there are many opportunities for a career in the sporting world. There is an array of university courses related to sport; Sport and Exercise Science; Sports Coaching; Sport Management; Sport Psychology; Sports Technology; Sports Rehabilitation; Sport Nutrition; Sport Marketing; Performing Arts and Physiotherapy. Many of our former A Level students have chosen to follow one of these paths at university. We also hope that students who choose not to study Physical Education in a formal sense will go on to university with a love of sport and exercise and a full understanding of all the physical and social benefits they bring. Sport is huge part of university life and we encourage students to join the various clubs and teams at university once they leave school.

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