A Level Philosophy

Head of Philosophy, Religion and Ethics:
Mr R Stevens
Philosophy (meaning ‘love of wisdom’ in Greek) investigates critically, rationally and systematically, the assumptions which most of us make about such things as ‘knowledge’, ‘truth’ and ‘goodness’.

A good philosopher is someone who doesn’t believe anything without a good reason and who is not prepared to automatically accept something as true or right just because it is widely accepted. It is a subject chosen by students who want the chance to develop a clear, logical mind that can bring light to any discussion. It is an activity as much as it is an academic discipline, and demands precision and clarity of thought.

Course content
Examination board: AQA

Epistemology (the study of knowledge)
Moral Philosophy
Paper 1 – 50%
Written Examination 3 Hrs – 100 Marks

Metaphysics of God
Metaphysics of Mind
Paper 2 – 50%
Written Examination 3 Hrs – 100 Marks

We provide opportunities for students to attend relevant subject conferences in London during their study.

University and beyond
Studying Philosophy is first and foremost about challenging your own beliefs about the world. However, studying Philosophy at university can have many advantages and lead to a whole range of careers or professions in later life.

Philosophy as a discipline helps to develop:
– Critical thinking
– Evaluation and analysis of complex ideas
– Problem solving
– Logical thinking and expression
– The ability to tease out implications from complex writing
– An enquiring mind and a desire to look beneath the surface

Careers or professions that could be pursued with a Philosophy degree include:
– Schools, colleges and universities – for
teaching and research positions.
– Government agencies, advisory bodies and
Think Tanks.
– Journalism and other creative industries
such as advertising
– Finance, business and technology
– Medicine
– Law

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