A Level Physics

Head of Physics: Mrs J Tilley
Have you ever wondered . . .
– Why the universe behaves the way it does?
– How ultrasound can create a picture?
– What are CERN looking for?

Physics A Level is one of the most universally accepted qualifications for progression to university. The course content covers the basis of how things work, from the constituent parts of atoms out to the extent of the universe. You will integrate the concepts studied with a range of practical experiments throughout each topic giving the course both an academic and practical focus. You will learn to apply your knowledge of the key concepts to solve problems in a range of different contexts and applications. Physics is one of the top three A Levels in terms of eligibility for degree entry.

Course content
Examination board: OCR

Module 1 Development of practical skills in Physics
Practical skills are assessed in a written examination as well as the practical endorsement

Module 2 Foundations of Physics
Physical quantities and units, making measurements and analysing data, nature of quantities

Module 3 Forces and motion
Motion, forces in action, work, energy and power, materials, momentum

Module 4 Electrons, waves and photons
Charge and current, energy, power and resistance, electrical circuits, waves, quantum physics

Module 5 Newtonian world and astrophysics
Thermal physics, circular motion, oscillations, gravitational fields, astrophysics and cosmology

Module 6 Particles and medical physics
Capacitors, electric fields, electromagnetism, nuclear and particle physics, medical imaging

There are three written examination papers. There is a separate Practical Endorsement (non examination assessment) which takes place during practical lessons.

Students have the opportunity to attend a variety of lectures and conferences at higher education establishments including UCL and Imperial College. There are many opportunities to visit exhibitions where students are encouraged to network with scientists and engineers.

University and beyond
This A Level is essential for access to Physics and Engineering courses. It is highly regarded for other subjects such as Medicine, Law and Economics because of the thinking skills and problem solving involved.


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