A Level Spanish

Head of Modern Languages: Mrs H Parker
Our aim is to provide students with not only linguistic proficiency but also with an understanding of the Hispanic culture through exposure to art, literature, history and current affairs; in an environment, where communication, critical thinking, creativity and interaction are promoted. A Level students will study one film in year 12 and one book in year 13. They will also complete an independent research project for which they will choose an aspect of Spanish or Hispanic culture which interests them. By the end of the course, students will master the sophisticated linguistic skills which will allow them to understand oral and written Spanish to a high standard, including translating, interpreting, writing and speaking. Throughout the Sixth Form they will have a weekly lesson with the Spanish Language Assistant to develop their speaking skills.

Course content
Examination board: AQA

  • Different aspects of Hispanic society and culture
  • One book and one film, enabling them to give an analytical appreciation of the plot, themes and characters as well as technical or stylistic features
  • Advanced language skills, enabling them to respond to authentic written and spoken texts, translate and communicate their views in speaking and writing
  • Independent research project relating to Spain or Hispanic -speaking countries

The final examinations will include listening and reading comprehensions, translation into and out of Spanish, essays in Spanish about the book and film studied and a speaking test.

We look for opportunities to take students to seminars, exhibitions, plays and films to broaden their knowledge of Hispanic culture. Sixth Form students attend a workshop on Almodóvar to help prepare them with studying his film, Volver, as part of the course. We organise a cultural trip to Barcelona that also brings the language alive and gives students a better insight into Spanish and Catalan society and culture. Students attend language lessons and explore the gothic architecture, as well as visiting some of the many art galleries.

University and beyond
Proficiency in languages improves your academic skills and enhances your career opportunities, both at home and abroad. Spanish is often taken as part of a joint honours degree, in combination either with another language or with other subjects ranging from English Literature to Maths and combining very well with subjects such as Law, Tourism, Business Studies, Accountancy or Marketing. Spanish is the most sought-after foreign language in the world of business and international trade in general, not only given the importance of the Latin American market but also for its growing presence in the USA.

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