Active Citizen Programme

Our Active Citizen Programme combines three areas: the Professional Skills Programme, Volunteering and Enrichment to help ensure our students leave Sydenham High as well rounded, engaged and skilled young people. Taking place over the course of year 12, every student will undertake all three aspects of the programme throughout the academic year.

Professional Skills Programme

The Professional Skills Programme is a bespoke and unique aspect of Sixth Form timetabled provision and aims to equip you with relevant and transferable skills for life beyond school. You receive specialist training in corporate communication, make contacts in the professional world and complete a self directed project in order to build on and develop your professional skills.

We have contacts with large firms in the City of London who come into school to help you develop your abilities to email, speak on the phone and conduct meetings, interviews and networking in a professional and effective manner. Using London and working professionals as a resource, this programme provides you with the skills needed to gain work experience, internships, places at university and on graduate schemes in their not-too-distant future.

Volunteering within the local community is an opportunity for you to give back to the people and area around you, whilst also developing key skills in communication, empathy and teamwork. Undertaking a volunteering placement will allow you to try something new, meet a variety of people and contribute to the wider world around you. You will undertake a range of volunteering placements from supporting in local primary schools, working in charity shops and residential homes or undertaking community project work.

Developing interests outside of the A Level curriculum is vital in helping to shape curious young people. Our enrichment programme offers a variety of courses that allow you to learn new skills or try an activity that challenges you physically or mentally. There is a wealth of courses available to you including political awareness, photography, first aid, rock climbing and sign language to name a few.

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