Parent School Association (PSA)

Our Parent School Association (PSA) is one of the many ways that parents can get involved in our thriving school community.

The role of a PSA is primarily to raise money to improve the school environment and Sydenham’s PSA is no exception.  Over the years Sydenham High’s PSA has raised thousands of pounds to be spent on a huge array of equipment for both the Junior and Senior schools.

Whether for a new minibus, theatrical lighting or extra equipment in our DT workshops, PSA funds provide a vital pot of money to help improve the school.  Ideas for how this money is spent come from both the parents and the children and they welcome all ideas, big and small.

Whilst the school obviously provides all the essential equipment, the PSA can accelerate the ‘love to have’ items that the school or the GDST may not be able to provide in the short term.

The PSA is, however, more than a fundraising body as it provides a social framework for the parents, staff and students.  The PSA runs three key events over the course of the school year: the Frost Fair (towards the end of the Autumn term); the hugely popular (and frankly tricky) Quiz Night and the Summer Fete.  These events are run by parent volunteers who happily give up their valuable time and energy to make them a success.  The PSA always needs more help in any shape or form, whether it is as a representative for your daughter’s year or perhaps to help on the day with our various functions.

For further details about the PSA, please contact:-

Chair (Yvette Nevrkla)
Secretary (Amanda Byrne)
Treasurer (Joanna Johnston)


Attached Documents

SHS PSA Constitution – Revised June 2015