Sixth Form Dress Code

Sixth Form Dress Code

Students in years 12 and 13 are allowed to wear their own clothes. Whilst we want students to feel comfortable and be able to express their individuality in Sixth Form, school is a place of work so we do expect the clothes worn by our students to be smart. Our sixth formers are very much seen as the jewels in our crown and how our  students dress plays an important role in maintaining the reputation of the school and that of students; it sends a message to visitors and others who connect with the school about our standards so please use the following as a guide for what to wear:

  • Smart separates – trousers or skirts with a smart top (including cardigans and jumpers); dresses; jackets
  • Smart shoes that are practical for walking around school
  • Subtle makeup and hairstyles which are appropriate for school i.e. not extreme
  • Discreet ear piercing
  • Sensible footwear

It goes without saying that all clothing should be appropriate for school and in a good state of repair with no holes, tears or frayed hems/seams. Students whose clothing is deemed unsuitable may be asked to arrange for a change of clothes to be brought into school for them.

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