Prep pupils are self-assured... they have become more confident in themselves thanks to the numerous opportunities to be the 'giraffe girls' cited by the school, sticking their necks out and facing challenges.

— ISI, 2020

Pastoral care is the cornerstone of our provision and we strive to ensure that each and every pupil is supported to feel happy, safe and secure within our school community.

Our approach to pastoral care focuses upon strong and positive relationships between pupils and staff as well as an open partnership with parents.

We also have clear expectations of behaviour enshrined in our Golden Rules:

  •     We are kind, helpful and always consider others.
  •     We respect each other and celebrate our differences.
  •     We look after property and do not damage things.
  •     We work hard and do not waste time.
  •     We work together and make sure everything is fair.
  •     We listen to others and share our ideas.
  •     We are gentle and do not hurt others.
  •     We are honest and never cover up the truth.

There is strong pastoral support from teaching staff who closely monitor pupils’ progress, both socially and emotionally, throughout the year. The size of the school also makes a difference: pupils are visible and well-known as individuals. Staff can be flexible and responsive to the specific needs of every pupil as a unique individual.

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