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Here at Sydenham High, we are extremely proud of the generations of girls who have benefited from a Sydenham High education, irrespective of their circumstances. We currently have around 10% of girls receiving means-tested assistance and a significant number of those are on full ‘transformational’ bursaries. We believe the diversity of our pupils is a vital ingredient of the success of the Sydenham High community.

Why your contribution is important

Strong community support for bursaries and other forms of financial assistance shows our pupils that we believe in them and demonstrates how social and economic diversity in our schools benefits us all. We also want the state schools we partner with to know we value the opportunities and financial assistance we offer.

We appreciate the financial demands individuals and families face, which is why we welcome any and all levels of giving – whatever is achievable for you. The key is taking part, so we can proudly share how many of our community have chosen to back this campaign.

Recognising your support

Your participation will make a big difference to bright girls, now and in the future. It is important to us that we show our appreciation to supporters. We will recognise your giving in a number of ways, ensuring you feel valued and informed, and to offer you the chance to become more in engaged in the GDST and our schools. When you make a donation, you join The 1872 Society, which honours the year the GDST was founded. All donors are named in GDST’s annual philanthropy review and an event is held annually to celebrate our donors.

If you tell us that you plan to leave a gift in your Will to the GDST or one of our schools, you will become a member of The Minerva Circle.

The Sydenham High alumnae below volunteered to share their experiences of a GDST education. We hope you find their stories inspiring and that they move you to consider how you can help:

I am thrilled that I am part of a shift in social understanding of what women can achieve and what they can be good at.

Khadijah Mellah Winner, Magnolia Cup Young Sportswoman of the Year, 2019 Mechanical Engineering student, University of Brighton Alumna, Sydenham High School Class of 2019


The quality of your education is something you will carry with you for ever and ever; it gives you a backbone for everything you do, everything you see and the contacts you will make.

Dr Aysha Waheed Foundation Year 1 Doctor at King’s College Hospital NHS Trust Alumna, Sydenham High School Class of 2013


Bursaries have a great impact on individuals. It’s a real shame when someone with drive, passion and ambition doesn’t have access to the best education, purely for financial reasons.

Maia DeCamillo-Phillips Actor, filmmaker and artist Alumna, Sydenham High School Class of 2015


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We are happy to discuss your individual preferences for recognition and, of course, you can remain anonymous should you wish to.

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