Building Individuals

Outstanding pastoral care has always been a feature of Sydenham High School. There are no special wellbeing rooms or buildings, it is intrinsically embedded throughout the school as a whole, firmly rooted into our ethos and the teaching offered by our dedicated staff. We believe in the importance of pupils learning to be respectful of themselves as well as others and encourage each pupil to focus on what makes them unique, treating everyone as an individual and supporting them through their journey.

The Pastoral Team

While the form tutor is usually the first point of contact for any questions or concerns pupils or their parents may have, we have a number of other staff with specific pastoral responsibilities. Five Heads of Section, the Head of Year 7, Head of Year 8, Head of Year 9, Head of Years 10 & 11 and the Head of Sixth Form lead each section of the school. In addition we offer a counselling service to those pupils who may need additional support. We have a full time nurse, plus a team of counsellors, and the Deputy Head Pastoral has overall responsibility for the welfare of all the pupils in the school, as well as being the designated Senior Lead for Safeguarding and Child Protection. The wellbeing of all our pupils is a priority and we believe firmly in helping our pupils stay healthy and well, both in mind and body, and we encourage strong and supportive links between pupils, staff and parents.

Pupil Voice

We want our pupils to feel that they are being listened to. Everyone knows whom to approach should they need a listening ear or additional support. In addition, regular round table meetings enable pupils to express their views and present new ideas and initiatives.

Leadership Opportunities

There are plenty of opportunities for pupils to take on responsibilities or develop leadership skills, through co-curricular pursuits or through the form group. Our House system also adds an additional layer of opportunity, as well as crucial integration with other year groups and forms, all of which helps prepare pupils for taking on larger roles in the wider life of the school community as they become older.

The quality of pupils' personal development is excellent

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