Mind, Body, & Soul - Sydenham High School

Mind, Body & Soul

[Pupils’] many and varied interests are supported by an extensive programme of extra-curricular clubs

– ISI, 2020

  • Mind

    Examples of clubs include:

      • Creative
      • French
      • Mega Maths
      • Mini Coders
      • Music Theory
      • Portuguese
      • Quiz
      • Spanish
      • ‘Thunks’ Philosophy
      • Whizz Pop Bang! Science

  • Body

    Examples of clubs include:

    • Ballet
    • Circus skills
    • Dancercise
    • Football
    • GEMS Performing Arts
    • Multi Skills Sports
    • Netball
    • Running
    • Tap

  • Soul

    Examples of clubs include:

    • Art History
    • Choir
    • Creative writing
    • Debating
    • Eco
    • Film Music
    • Mindful Art
    • Sunbeams (mindfulness)
    • SydJets (pop and rock band)


Our attitude to sport in the Prep School involves all pupils (from Reception to year 6) in keeping active, honing skills and developing a sense of team spirit.

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Whilst specialist music teaching is provided to all Prep School pupils from Reception, this is only the start of the exciting musical opportunities we offer.

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We offer over 60 clubs each week that run either before, after or during the school day

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An important part of our English curriculum, drama makes a significant contribution to the Co-Curricular programme at the Prep School.

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