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Senior Leadership Team

Head: Ms A Geldeard
MA (Cambridge), PGCE
Deputy Head (Academic): Mr C Batty
BSc (Bangor, Wales), PGCE
Deputy Head (Pastoral): Dr E Waites
PhD (Birmingham), Maitrise (Poitiers), BSc (Liverpool), PGCE
Head of Prep School: Mrs G Panton
MA (St Andrews), PGCE
Deputy Head of Prep School: Miss H Cuthbert
BA (Oxford), PGCE
Head of Sixth Form/Assistant Head: Ms R Parrish
BA (Southampton), PGCE
Assistant Head (Teaching, Learning & Innovation): Ms J Speck
BA (King’s College London), PGCE
Assistant Head (Enrichment): Miss L Dodds
BA (Nottingham)
Director of Finance & Operations: Mr A Rout
BA (Nottingham Trent)
Director of Marketing & Communications: Ms L Hooper
BAEcon (Manchester), PGDip School Business Management
  • Prep School Teaching Staff
    Prep School Leadership Team
    Head of Prep School: Mrs G PantonMA (St Andrews), PGCE
    Deputy Head of Prep School: Miss H CuthbertBA (Oxford), PGCE
    Assistant Head (Academic & Innovation): Miss J WollastonBA (Hertfordshire)
    Assistant Head (Pupil Development & Enrichment): Mrs Z LakerBEd (Cambridge)
    Head of Pre-Prep: Mrs C Tomalin-PayneBSc (London Southbank), PGCE
    Ms G BazieuBA (Brighton), MSc (Birbeck), PGCE
    Ms A BurnsBA (Kent)
    Ms A ClearyBSc (Warwick)
    Ms H CuthbertBA (Oxford), PGCE
    Mrs F DaviesBEd (Cambridge), QTS
    Mrs S DuffyMA (Usti Nad Laben, Czech Rep)
    Miss D ElliottNational Award for Special Educational Needs Coordination (UCL) PGDip BSc (Brunel), PGCE
    Mrs S Fabricant-LaceyBSc (Nottingham), PGCE
    Ms A Karmock-GoldsBA (Warwick), PGCE
    Mrs Z LakerBEd (Cambridge)
    Mrs C McLellanBA (Nottingham), PGCE
    Mrs C Mitchell MorganBA (Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama), QTS
    Mrs S Murphy-MorrisBA (Lancaster), PGCE
    Mrs P Patrick (maternity leave)BEd (Roehampton)
    Ms F PennBA (Bath), PGCE
    Mr A PorterBSc (Sunderland), PGCE
    Mr J RowlandsBSc (Birmingham), PGCE
    Ms N SanatianMA (Goldsmiths), BMus (Trinity Laban Conservatoire)
    Mrs C Tomalin-PayneBSc (London Southbank), PGCE
    Miss J WollastonBA (Hertfordshire)
    Mr B WelchBMus (Canterbury), PGCE
  • Prep School Teaching Assistants
    Ms V BlaguNVQIII
    Mrs S ByrneNVQIII
    Ms J DormanMBA (Hull), BSc (Lancashire Polytechnic), PGCE, CIM
    Miss S Georghiou
    Ms C Kay
    Mr B Matthews
    Mrs H MooneyNVQIII
    Mrs S Taak
    Mrs A DudaniLevel 3 Teaching Assistant (QCF) (De Montford)
  • Prep School Wrap Around Care
    Mrs H MooneyNVQIII
    Mrs H Thomas
    Ms R Salmon
  • Senior School Teaching Staff
    Heads of Section
    Head of Year 7: Mrs G CalvertBEd (Greenwich)
    Head of Year 8: Ms E OppongBA (Huddersfield), PGCE
    Head of Year 9: Miss L BlairBSc (Bath), PGCE
    Head of Lower School: Mrs K EvansMA (Lille), PGCE
    Head of Upper School (Year 10 & 11): Ms S Gonzalez LensBA (Santiago de Compostela)
    Deputy Head of Upper School (Years 10 & 11): Ms S CrossBA (Birmingham), PGCE
    Head of Sixth Form: Ms R ParrishBA (Southampton), PGCE
    Teaching Staff
    * denotes Head of Department
    Art and Design
    Mr A Dunne*BA (Nottingham Trent) PGCE
    Ms T FerrierBA (Middlesex), PGCE
    Mrs M Frankland*MA, BA (Pembroke, Cambridge), PGCE
    Mrs C SaundersBA (Kings College, London), QTS
    Computer Science
    Ms K Diallo*MA (King’s College London), MSc (Glamorgan), BA (Glamorgan)
    Mrs E JourzacBA (Greenwich), PGCE
    Design Technology
    Mrs P Curran*BEd (Sheffield, Hallam)
    Miss E OppongBA (Huddersfield), PGCE
    Mrs F Eastaugh*BA (University of Wales, Aberystwyth), Acting Diploma (Drama Studio London), PGCE
    Ms K PalmerMA (Lancaster), BA (Warwick), PGCE
    Ms S MurphyBA (Leeds)
    Ms S Elliott*BA (Exeter), PGCE
    Ms S MacdougalMA (Birkbeck College, University of London), BA (Nottingham)
    Mrs K RoseBA (Warwick), PGCE
    Mr D WiseMA (Birkbeck), BA (Southhampton), PGCE
    Ms L DoddsBA (Nottingham)
    Mrs C Buckler*MA (Bath), BSc (Sheffield) PGCE
    Mrs J DracupBSc (Sheffield) PGCE
    Government & Politics
    Mrs J Ellison* (EPQ Co-ordinator)MA Russian Studies, BSC Sociology
    Dr S Wallace*PhD (Cambridge), PGCE
    Ms S CrossBA (Birmingham), PGCE
    Ms R ParrishBA (Southampton), PGCE
    Mrs S O’NeillBA (Sheffield), PGCE
    History of Art
    Ms C CondronMA (SOAS), BA (East Anglia)
    Mrs H Parker*BEd Modern Languages (Anglia)
    Mrs K EvansMA (Lille), PGCE
    Ms S Gonzalez LensBA (Santiago de Compostela)
    French Language Assistant: Miss B Loynet
    Miss C Crawford (SCITT)
    Miss N GibbsBA (Leeds), PGCE
    Ms M BelardoBA (Messina), MFL, QTS
    Mrs H CollinsBA (Exeter), PGCE
    Ms S Gonzalez LensBA (Santiago de Compostela)
    Languages Assistant: Mrs T Urra-SpiessPGCE (Santiago)
    Mrs J Black*BA (Exeter), PGCE
    Mrs J TibbleBA (Oxon), BSc (OU), PGCE
    Mr A BruniBSc (London), B.Ed Open University
    Mr R WhitleyBSc (Queens, Belfast), PGCE
    Ms A MullinMA (Goldsmiths), BA (Cambridge), PGCE
    Miss S HawleyBSc (Cumbria), QTS
    Mrs A Dudani (maternity leave)MSc (Bristol), BSc (Delhi), PGCE
    Ms D Brown*BMus (Manchester), PGCE
    Ms K Wallis
    Miss J Matthews*BSc (Loughborough), PGCE
    Mrs G Calvert (PSHE & Enrichment Co-ordinator)BEd (Greenwich)
    Ms H ParnisBSc (Birmingham), PGCE
    Miss P EmbureyBA (Oxford Brookes)
    Mr R WallbankBA (Brunel), PGCE
    Mr M Angel (Head of Rowing and Outdoor Education)*BA (Westminster), PGCE
    Philosophy, Religion & Ethics
    Mrs R Vaughan*MA (Heythrop), BA (Roehampton), PGCE
    Mrs C MalacridaMA (Edinburgh), PGCE
    Dr G Hill*PhD (York), BSc (Sheffield), PGCE
    Mr C BattyBSc (Bangor, Wales), PGCE
    Dr E WaitesPhD (Birmingham), Maitrise (Poitiers), BSc (Liverpool), PGCE
    Mr X Tan*BSc (Surrey), PGCE
    Mrs S O’ConnellBPharm (University of London), MSc (St George’s Hospital Medical School, University of London)
    Ms L BlairBSc (Bath), PGCE
    Mr R GuevaraBSc (De Montfort)
    Miss A Inchenko*MSc (Bristol), MSc (Imperial), PGCE
    Mrs J TilleyBSc (Southampton), PGCE
    Mr R Newton (SCITT)
    Mrs J Ellison* (EPQ Co-ordinator)MA Russian Studies, BSC Sociology
    Learning Support – Senior School
    Ms C PascalPGDip, BA (London), PGCE
  • Operational Departments
    Director of Finance & Operations: Mr A RoutBA (Nottingham Trent)
    Director of Marketing & Communications: Ms L Hooper (maternity leave from May 2023)BAEcon (Manchester), PGDip School Business Management
    Head of Marketing & Admissions: Mrs J Nelson (maternity cover from April 2023)BA (Hull), CIM
    HR & Compliance Manager: Mrs O FashoroMSc (Surrey), BSc (University of Ghana, Legon)
    Finance Manager: Mrs A Clarke-JosephsBA (London, South Bank)
    Finance Officer/Lettings Administrator: Ms G KellyLevel 3 Accounting Diploma
    Head’s PA: Ms J ThomasMA (The London College of Fashion), BA (King’s College London)
    Registrar: Mrs T Culmer-GuevaraExecutive PA Diploma
    Marketing & Admissions Assistant: Mr A BishopBA (Brunel)
    Senior School Office Manager: Ms L Roche
    Front Office Administrator: Miss S Gloucester-Trotman
    Front Office and Systems Administrator: Ms Y NevrklaMSc, BA (Sheffield)
    Receptionist: Ms L Nugent
    Graphic Design & Teaching Resources Officer: Mrs C Williams (maternity leave from Jan 2023)BA (University College for the Creative Arts)
    Prep School Office Manager: Mrs T DoyleBTec National Diploma (Bromley College)
    Prep School Administration Assistant: Ms J CatchpoleBSc (Open University)
    Prep School Receptionist/Administrator: Miss M Drepaul
    Librarian & Careers Leader: Mrs S PettMSc (City, London), BA (Roehampton)
    School Nurse: Ms T Brown (maternity cover)
    School Nurse: Miss S Mendez (maternity leave)
    School Nurse: Mrs J McManus
    School Counsellor: Ms H Coudyser-BrushettMA (Goldsmiths, University of London), BA (Bird College Conservatoire of Dance and Musical Theatre)
    School Counsellor: Ms E Rutherford
    ICT Operations & Development Manager: Mr M Sueltz
    ICT Technician: Mr D Gilbert
    SIMS Data Manager: Mr J Kerr
    Examinations and Attendance Officer: Mr N TytherleighBA (Rhodes, South Africa)
    Assistant Examinations, Attendance & Cover Officer: Miss H DixonBTEC, NVQ L3
    Art Technician: Miss S Deegan
    DT Technician: Miss H LlewellynBA (Kingston)
    Languages Assistant: Mrs T Urra-SpiessPGCE (Santiago)
    Science Technician (Senior Technician): Mrs S K KoonerMSc (Punjab)
    Science Technician: Miss E Davies
    Performing Arts Technical Manager: Mr I MatthewsHND, BTEC
    Premises Manager: Mr P Griffin
  • Visiting Teachers
    Speech & Drama
    Speech & Drama: Miss A BorgeFVCM (TD) Hons
    Speech & Drama: Mrs A HighmanBA (London) P.G.C.E
    Brass: Mr T HarrisonBMus (Guildhall School of Music & Drama)
    Cello: Ms M Bruce MitfordL.R.A.M, A.R.C.M
    Clarinet & Saxophone: Mr F ChristouL.R.A.M, A.R.C.M
    Drums/Percussion: Mr S RothBA Music (York)
    Flute: Ms K BertolacciniPGCE
    Flute: Miss H BlackMA (Royal Academy of Music), BMus (Royal Northern College of Music)
    Guitar: Mr C OlmosBMus (Boston USA)
    Horn: Ms S PullenATCL, BMus (University of Birmingham) PGDip (Perf), MMus (TCL)
    Harp: Ms L EvansDIP RCM ARCM (Royal College of Music)
    Jazz Clarinet & Saxophone: Ms L LaleMMus (Guildhall)
    Oboe: Ms J BrittonBMus, PGDip, LTCL
    Piano: Ms L BodeBMus (Indiana University Jacobs School of Music), MMus (Guildhall School of Music and Drama)
    Piano: Mr A LawBMus (Royal Academy of Music) PgDip, PGCE
    Piano: Ms J Rutt
    Singing: Ms B Duval (maternity leave)MA (OU) BMus (Lancs), PGCE
    Singing/Voice: Ms L GoddardMA (Cambridge), MA (Royal Academy of Music)
    Voice: Ms A WhyteBA (The Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama), PgDip (Trinity College of Music), PgAdDip (Trinity Laban Conservatoire)
    Violin: Mr M BasiliscoPGDip, BMus
    Violin: Mr E WangArtist Fellowship, MA and PgDip (Guildhall School of Music & Drama)
    Violin: Ms P WyattDIP RCM (Royal College of Music)

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