Lower School
(Years 7-9)

In the Lower School (years 7 to 9), we strive to ensure that every pupil learns to love learning, in an environment where she is challenged and inspired.

Our rich and diverse curriculum not only prepares pupils academically for the Upper School, and their GCSE courses, but also enables them to develop personal skills and attributes. We offer an array of subject extension activities, stretch and challenge and enrichment opportunities, conferences, trips and workshops which reinforce teaching and learning and bring subjects to life. These exceptional learning opportunities introduce pupils to many new experiences and enrich their education.

At all levels we aim to offer a broad and balanced curriculum.

In years 7-9 pupils study the following subjects:

MathematicsDesign and Technology
EnglishReligious Studies
Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics from Year 8)Art
Spanish, German or Italian  (year 8 and 9)Drama
GeographyPhysical Education

Teaching and learning in the lower years ensure that our pupils enter the Upper School with the requisite self-belief, confidence and academic foundations to embark on their GCSE courses.

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