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The Early Years Foundation Stage is fundamental in instilling positive dispositions towards learning. During the Reception year, children will play and explore; make choices and learn to try things and persevere in their efforts; be creative and solve problems; form good relationships; be safe, secure and happy.

Pre-Prep, Reception – Year 2
Prep, Years 3 – 6
Senior School Preparation

Prep School


By the start of year 3, our pupils are developing as confident, independent learners. As they progress, our girls become more accustomed to specialist teaching as this provision is further extended to Art, Design & Technology, and Latin.

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Our attitude to sport in the Prep School involves all pupils (from Reception to year 6) in keeping active, honing skills and developing a sense of team spirit.

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Whilst specialist music teaching is provided to all Prep School pupils from Reception, this is only the start of the exciting musical opportunities we offer.

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Clubs & Activities

We offer over 60 clubs each week that run either before, after or during the school day

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An important part of our English curriculum, drama makes a significant contribution to the Co-Curricular programme at the Prep School.

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