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The GDST is a leading educational charity and as such we work hard to ensure that deserving pupils can access bursaries and scholarships in order to benefit from a GDST education. We also want to ensure that the best facilities and equipment are available to our pupils during their time with us.

We always welcome support from our community to ensure that these opportunities can continue and you’ll find further information about how to do this below.

Make a donation

You can give to the school generally or choose to support a specific area such as bursaries or a capital building campaign. Please do get in touch with us at the school if you would like to discuss making a donation; we would be delighted to welcome you back to talk about your gift. Please contact the Headmistress via email or 0208 557 7000 if you would like further details. If you prefer to donate directly, this link allows you to make a contribution directly to the school.

Leave a legacy

Some of our alumnae choose to remember the GDST in their Will in recognition of the impact their school had on their lives. It’s a way to give something back, to say thank you, and to give others the opportunity to benefit from a GDST education. Depending on your wishes, a legacy may benefit Sydenham High School specifically, and can be used to support bursaries, new school facilities or additional educational opportunities for our girls. You could also choose to support bursaries, scholarships or an area of education about which you feel passionate.

Legacies are vitally important to the long term future of GDST schools. For many, the ability to make donations in their lifetime is limited. Leaving a gift in a Will can provide a more suitable opportunity to make a contribution.

If you would like more information on leaving a legacy to the GDST, please contact us directly or get in touch with the GDST Philanthropy Team at or on 020 7393 6898.

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