Stepping up to year 7

The Stepping Up to Year 7 programme was created to help our new pupils transition smoothly into Senior School life. It is a programme that is led by the Head of Year 7 and occurs weekly.

The programme is designed to scaffold pupils first few weeks of senior school and to acclimatise to new routines, expectations and relationships, promoting confidence and communication skills. Part of this initiative includes the opportunity to simply play at lunchtime. This is supervised by SLT, Head of Year 7 and is facilitated by the Young Leadership Team in Sixth Form.

Activities may include

  • Building new relationships (cooperative card activity)
  • Treasure Trail
  • Astro play
  • Resilience activities
  • Singalong
  • Shoe box portrait (what makes you you)
  • Leaving a legacy
  • Managing new friendships
  • Appropriate mobile use
  • Pack it in: what do you need to have a successful day at school (physical, emotional and attributes)

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