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Lunches at Sydenham High School

Food at Sydenham High School is supplied by Accent Catering. All dishes are prepared from scratch using high quality, fresh ingredients. We never use packet mixes or jars of sauces in our menus, so we are sure that every ingredient is GM-free and that no hydrogenated vegetable fats are used.

Our menus are changed every term to ensure seasonality and that we include just the right blend of the girls’ favourite meal choices, whilst also introducing new and exciting things to try.

Meanwhile, our salad bar is resplendent with a variety of colourful, healthy and delicious items to enjoy, including wholegrain rice, lentils, pulses and couscous as well as fresh raw vegetables such carrots, cucumber, tomatoes and more.

Lunches cost £227 per term for Reception-year 6 and £237 for year 7-year 11. Examples of food from Autumn 2020 are below:

Download the menus for the current term below:

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