Extended Project Qualification

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a Level 3 stand alone academic qualification equating to half an A Level and is highly regarded by both universities and employers. It is an independent research project and enables students to develop skills in the areas of problem-solving, critical thinking, analysis, synthesis evaluation and public speaking.

The EPQ is a fantastic opportunity to explore in depth an aspect of a subject that is currently being studied at A Level or to investigate a topic of great personal interest. It is a piece of independent research that can be submitted in the form of an academic report but more frequently, here at Sydenham High, submission can take the form of an artefact or product. Recent submissions include the creation of a video documentary, writing a play or a visual record of a creative endeavour. Students can choose what they want to research and, under the guidance of an experienced supervisor, the research is conducted.

The EPQ allows me to express myself through exploring a topic that I'm passionate about, outside of the constraints of an academic curriculum, whilst enriching my academic understanding and developing key skills through research.

Over the past few years our students have produced some excellent EPQs at Sydenham High, including dissertations focused on the Ebola outbreak, individual privacy legislation and the impact of Nazi Germany on the Bauhaus School.

The EPQ is a rewarding but challenging part of the curriculum which adds additional depth to girls’ studies. It is a great opportunity to experience university-style study and expand knowledge in a specific area of interest. It helps develop independent research skills and is valued by universities.

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