Sixth Form Life

Sixth Form life at Sydenham High is unique, packed with exciting opportunities and new experiences with which to challenge yourself: from leadership and community service opportunities to the Young Enterprise scheme and Liberal Studies with Dulwich College.

Visiting our sister school in Nepal made me appreciate my school and the things I have because it made me realise that you don’t need the new iPhone, the newest clothes or the best WiFi to be happy. These children just wanted to go to school and get an education. The biggest lesson that I learned, that it is easy to forget, is that when you can go to school and get an education take it and do your best because you might not have a better chance.

– Current year 13

Academic study lies at the heart of Sixth Form life but there is a huge amount on offer beyond this. It is the balance of the co-curricular enrichment that makes Sydenham High School such an inspiring place to grow during your Sixth Form years. There are greater responsibilities on offer, as well as freedoms to develop self-motivation and independence.

When you start in year 12 there is a bespoke induction programme to aid the transition to Sixth Form including welcome events, team building activities, personalised curriculum meetings, a day trip to Paris and the GDST Inspire South Conference.

There is a wide range of educational visits on offer as part of the curriculum but perhaps one of the most special has been visiting our sister school in Nepal, a school that we helped to rebuild after the earthquake in 2015, alongside the charity In Your Hands.

Our Head Girls

Years 12 and 13 are the most challenging and rewarding years of your school career. Despite having fewer subjects, you study your choices in greater detail, giving you a comprehensive understanding at the end of the course. Utilising study periods and managing your time is essential for you to achieve the best grades you can at the end of year 13. The rapport you have with your teachers helps ensure a more intimate and personalised experience and teachers here genuinely go the extra mile. It’s one of the best aspects of studying at Sydenham High School.

Our dedicated Sixth Form Centre provides us with the perfect working environment. We have a well-equipped kitchen and our own study room, along with other spaces for learning and relaxing. We are given the chance to get involved in a number of incredible opportunities, including the Young Enterprise Programme with Dulwich College, our bespoke Active Citizen programme, which enriches our co-curricular experience as well as giving back to our local community.
There are lots of opportunities to network with other sixth formers at GDST events, and insight days to gain work experience in a variety of fields. You will make friends for life when you are in the Sixth Form.

Make sure you take advantage of every opportunity offered to you, from developing key skills to learning new things and embracing exciting experiences. All of these will make your time rich and varied as well as help you complete your UCAS application for university or future pathways with confidence.
We are loving our time here and believe that our Sixth Form really is very special.

Tyler-Rae Fatoyinbo & Freya Ashenden-Robinson
Head Girls 2021-22

The whole school

We encourage you to pursue your own individual interests and participate actively in the wider life of the school. This may mean attending cultural activities or volunteering at a local primary school during your study periods or simply running a lunch time club for younger girls.


The Young Leadership Team play an important role in the school, and you get the chance to stand for Head Girl, Head of House or prefect roles with a specific focus. The leadership skills gained from these roles are invaluable, and give you the opportunity to engage with the rest of the school community.

Next Steps Programme

University preparation is a key focus throughout the Sixth Form, to ensure that students are well informed about the different options available to them. We want you to feel empowered to apply to the very best universities in the world and we have a strong tradition in preparing students for UK and overseas universities, as well as for Drama and Art Foundation courses. University and potential career advice is an integral part of the PSHE and Professional Skills Programme, alongside dedicated university preparation sessions.

Entrance to Cambridge and Oxford, as well as for Medicine, Veterinary Science and Law, has become increasingly competitive. These universities and courses not only interview rigorously but also involve sitting stringent entrance tests. We aim to prepare you so that you can make strong and competitive applications. Students are also prepared for applications for apprenticeship schemes, most recently including an apprenticeship degree place in Accounting at Ernst & Young.


‘Where girls learn without limits’

GDST girls will make their mark on the world, in their own way, and on their own terms.

As a GDST Sixth Form, Sydenham High School is able to offer students fantastic experiences such as the Young Leaders and Inspire South conferences, as well as a bespoke app, Rungway, which unites over 70,000 alumnae with current pupils across the GDST family. GDST offers the Positive Programme, Higher Education Preparation courses, insight days across a range of industries and a network of alumnae based in the UK and overseas to make connections, share news, pass on careers and university expertise, host professional and social events – from their old schools and from other sister schools.
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