Group work

Based on the extensive research of the GDST, Mike Gershon, Paul Ginnis and Zoe Elder it was apparent that thoughtfully planned group work really was worth championing. Throughout this part of the Inset four different types of group work were modelled.

The tasks highlighted the significance of differentiation through tasks (as opposed to outcomes alone) while encouraging our girls to fear nothing, challenge themselves and take more ownership over their learning in an interactive and engaging way.

Each rainbow group had a different focus from exploring some of the research, reflecting on their own practice, discussing the possible hurdles and overcoming them with solutions to planning a lesson collaboratively.

Each group task involved set differentiated roles to help ensure all members were actively engaged, supported or challenged as required. Our final task involved a form of group work called the ‘Jigsaw’ technique where a member of each group came together to teach and share what they had done with one another and most importantly how they would embed it in their own practice.

The inset was interesting, enjoyable and useful.

– Janice Tibble, Assistant Head of Mathematics