Online Learning

Our second Learning Stream was led by Acting Head of Classics Miss Newland on “Online Learning” focusing in particular on using Quizlet Live and Padlet. These resources are a fantastic way to encourage engagement and independent work in lessons as well as a quick and easy method of revising and consolidating learning. These activities have proved extremely popular with our girls, especially in preparation of their summer exams.

Equipment needed:

Strengths of techniques:
• These encourage collaborative work, using the internet effectively for research and revision.
• Encourages all students to participate and can remove the fear of failing in front of the classroom.
• Quiz tools are a great, fun way to assess initial knowledge and to test how much progress has been made in a lesson.
• All tools promote digital literacy and create an awareness of their digital presence in a more formal setting than their own personal use.

• Need to train students to use the different websites.
• Need to explain the benefits and the transferable skills of using these tools.
• Awareness of good e-safety practice.

It makes learning fun! We all get to learn from our mistakes

– Alannah Bresnihan, year 10

Quizlet Live has been a really useful tool in the run up to the examination period. The game is easy for them to pick up and the added element of music and competition means that they actively enjoy playing it and ask to play it more! It makes for a really useful starter, plenary or quick little break within a topic. I have used it for GCSE and A Level students so far, but would like to create sets of flashcards for my lower years to use in future as well.

– Robin Stevens, Head of Philosophy, Religion and Ethics