Word of the Week

Currently, Classics teacher, Ms Saunders, is developing a literacy strategy to enhance our girls’ vocabulary.

As we are all aware a rich vocabulary aids comprehension and furnishes a much more diverse and interesting writing style. It gives power to be able to express oneself precisely and meet an audience specifically, engaging their interest with a greater variety of language.

Being aware of how the same roots of words have evolved with different innuendos in different languages also throws an interesting light on the ideas people have when they employ words. For example, English ‘sage’ and French ‘sage’.

Ms Saunders envisages that every student will be sent via classroom a word each week with a question as to its meaning, its class of word and writing a sentence using it. Every attempt will be credited as well as correct answers and these would feed into the house point system.

The words, one for years 10-13 and one for years 7-9 will also be displayed on the screens in the school and on boards in the central hall and library.

Results of participation and correct answers will be displayed and announced each week. This is a really exciting way for our girls to develop their literacy skills while making links across the curriculum.