A Level Sociology

Head of Sociology: Mrs J Ellison
Sociology is a popular and thriving A Level and if you are fascinated by the world around you then Sociology is for you. Sociology is the systematic study of human relations and society with a focus on areas such as power, identity, culture and gender. It is an exciting subject that investigates the effect that society has on individuals and groups and in turn how they too shape and mould society. The subject engages in the world around us and looks at how people living in society interact with each other on a daily basis. It equips students to look at life in an empowered way and deals with facts and issues that are crucial to the lives of all of us. Sociology allows students to draw on their own experiences in attempting to understand the features of human life in a modern and rapidly changing society. Sociology is therefore a dynamic and contemporary subject which will challenge your intellect and force you to reconsider your views. Sociology is taught through a variety of methods, including, lectures, seminars, student presentation, guest speakers, trips and the media. The course will develop your awareness of society and culture and your place in it together with an understanding of key Sociological theory.

Course content
Examination board: OCR

Unit 1:
A) Socialisation, Culture and Identity
B) Youth Culture
Examination assessed 1hr 30 mins (30% of overall grade)

Unit 2:
A) Sociological Research Methods
B) Understanding Social Inequalities
Examination assessed 2hr 15mins (35% of overall grade)

Unit 3:
A) Globalisation and the Digital World
B) Crime and deviance
Examination assessed 2hr 15 mins (35% of overall grade)

Sociology is a subject that is all around us in the every day. Students are therefore encouraged to read newspapers and magazines and the Sociology Journal to develop their awareness of current affairs.

Sociology trips are an integral part of the A Level and we have conducted trips to The Crime Museum, taken part in a Karl Marx walking Tour of London and attended valuable A Level academic conferences.

The department also runs a popular Sociology Media Club. Open to all years, the society explores Sociological topics through the medium of TV, film and advertising.

University and beyond
Sociology is a recognised passport for university entrance and provides a range of indispensable skills in an increasingly changing and competitive market. Sociology trains you to answer the ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions on human societies giving you a significant edge in the job market and providing a strong intellectual background for students considering careers in the professions or business.

The skills you learn in Sociology are marketable and having it on your CV shows that you understand the World around you. The subject will certainly develop your skills of synthesis, reflexivity, evaluation, communication, analysis and empathy. Sociology will enrich you personally whatever career aspirations and is good preparation for journalism, business, education, public relations and the health and welfare service. Many of our students have gone on to read Sociology at university level and in the past students have studied degrees in Sociology, Social Anthropology and Criminology.

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