Sport Scholarship

Important Information
The Scholarship

  • The scholarship is awarded to a prospective year 7 pupil who is a good all-rounder and displays a marked talent for, and a noteworthy commitment to, Sport and Physical Education.
  • The successful applicant will also have qualities of leadership with the potential to develop and utilise these skills within school.
  • Shortlisted pupils will most likely be involved in a sports club outside of their school in at least one sporting discipline.
  • The Sport scholarship may be awarded to any girl who successfully passes the entrance assessment for year 7.
  • The scholarship value is usually up to 10% of the annual school fee and is expected to be held continuously from year 7 to year 13.
  • The scholar’s progress and involvement in Sport in the school will be reviewed annually and the award may be withdrawn if this is unsatisfactory.

The Application

  • The application form must be completed by Friday 11 November 2022, including details of any certificates or awards won for sporting endeavours (if applicable, copies may be requested) and at least one reference that comment on achievements, potential and commitment, alongside any other relevant information. These should be from your daughter’s school PE Department and any coaches for activities outside of school

The Assessment

Shortlisted candidates will be informed of the process for the assessment by Friday 25 November. The assessment will take place on Friday 2 December 2022. Candidates are not required to prepare anything for the assessment but should wear their PE kit.

Applicants will be expected to:

  • Demonstrate a good level of fitness across a range of small fitness tests.
  • Demonstrate their skills in a range of activities. This will include an assessment of basic skills in a number of our main sports including netball and cricket.
  • Play in a conditioned or full game in at least one sport. If they are more of a performer, they can choose to perform a short gymnastics or dance routine.
  • Undergo a short interview about their sporting life so far and display basic knowledge of the major sports, rules etc

What the scholar will receive

As well as a discount on fees, all successful applicants will automatically be enrolled onto our High Performance Programme. The programme aims to help athletes to realise their potential by achieving a good sport/study/life balance and by tracking and monitoring their progress. Members of the programme will take part in a variety of different half termly seminars and workshops covering a range of sports performance topics, delivered by both internal and external experts. This provides your daughter the opportunity to deepen her understanding and application of areas such as time management, fitness training, motivational strategies, sports psychology and emotional/social well being. There is also the opportunity to use in school PE time to complete homework and/or school work or attend their out of school training. This  proves helpful for those who spend a large amount of time out of school training and competing. This is awarded on a case by case basis. Please note if your daughter is not successful in securing a scholarship, there is the opportunity for her to join the High Performance programme at the start of each academic year.

Applicants will be informed of the decision when they receive their entrance examination results in January.

The Director of Sport’s decision is final. Brief written feedback for all shortlisted candidates will be included in the letter informing you of the outcome. Please keep this important information for future reference.

Jenny Matthews
Director of Sport

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