Tech club make a video to raise awareness of cyber-bullying

Theatre and media tech club meet every Wednesday with Mr. Matthews in the Westwood Theatre. They have recently finished working on a vox pop video to give some simple and useful advice when it comes to being safe on the internet.

The club discussed issues such as IT security, privacy and encryption before deciding on making a short 2 minute video with the help of teachers and pupils being interviewed.

Aine T and Libby M took the lead as editor and director, whilst Jessica V, Fuchsia P and Jessica W worked with the filming aspects. The crew have worked incredibly well as a team, learning various skills such as balancing audio levels, video framing, blue screen super-imposing, continuity and the importance of filming cutaways.

Mr. Llewellin said, “I think this is beyond excellent – it’s really, really, really good!”

The video premiered during an assembly on Friday by Mr. Llewellin, raising further awareness of cyber-bullying and the internet safety campaign.

For more information about internet safety visit

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