Westminster's Central Hall hosts UK Politics students - Sydenham High School

Westminster’s Central Hall hosts UK Politics students


On the 3rd December, hundreds of politics students from across the United Kingdom watched and engaged with MPs from across the political spectrum. The MPs reflected on issues and concerns in the current political system. From the likes of Nigel Farage and Jacob Rees-Mogg to Chuka Umunna, the conference was full of passion, confrontation and realpolitik.

Due to the political situation our present government finds itself in, this conference seemed to express the frustrations of young, ardent politics students on the issue of the day – Brexit. The event left students feeling fascinated with the current climate of politics.

Jessica Rose Phillips gave an inspired speech on feminism and UK politics today. The Speaker John Bercow addressed his impact on parliamentary reform and the left leaning Chuka Umunna’s speech was exhilarating; it engaged the crowd and really encouraged me to be more active on issues like racism and sexism in our society. It was encouraging to see someone who looks like me represent our hopes and aspirations for a more equitable society.

The conference illustrated to me the reason why I chose to study Politics and how this is the most exciting time to participate in the subject.
– Laila Kyambadde, year 12

It was a very stimulating day and it really brought Politics to life. It was good for the A Level students from Sydenham to see that they are part of a wider learning community. There cannot be a better time to be studying A Level Politics in such interesting, if not turbulent times!

– Mr van der Spiegel, Teacher of Government & Politics

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