A feast of creativity at the Bake Off Final

We were delighted to host the GDST Bake Off final here at Sydenham High on Tuesday 10 December.  The competition included pupils from Croydon High School,  Putney High School, Kingsdale Foundation School, Sydenham School and Sutton High School as well as our own Sydenham High representative.

The girls were asked to create their own bakes based on the theme ‘Festival’.  The resulting efforts included cakes for a wedding, the Hindu ‘Festival of Colour’, a Galette de Rois for the French celebration of Epiphany and, of course, other Christmas-themed cakes.

The judges agreed that all the entries were a wonderful demonstration of creativity as well as a treat for the tastebuds.

The winner was Leila from Kingsdale (pictured middle, below) with a delicious gateau, with second place going to Annabella (left) from Putney High and third place to Lara (right) from Sutton High.

Headmistress Katharine Woodcock congratulated all the participants and the three winners at a prize presentation.



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