Young Enterprise team reduces waste and increases knowledge!

Compostivity is a student run entrepreneurial company of year 12 students from Sydenham High School and Dulwich College under the Young Enterprise charity branch. What links us all together is our passion and commitment to making our planet a better place through striving for change. There is an ever growing problem with each year 1.6 billion tonnes of food going to waste globally. It is astonishing that in our current world 7 million tons of food waste comes from our own households with 10 millions tons of food waste accumulating as a whole in the UK each year, 70% of which was intended to be consumed. In order for us to achieve our goals and resolve the problem of food waste we need your help. Our goal is to tackle this issue through our fun, educational and completely eco-friendly composting kits perfect for parents and children. Compostivity has a positive impact on you and the environment by helping you “to make our world a greener place by composting your food waste”.

Compostivity kits use eco-friendly materials alone with UK based suppliers in order to reduce the distance of travel and consequently, our carbon footprint. Every small step towards bettering the environment helps and not only do our kits tackle food wastage but the product itself was produced with the key idea of being environmentally friendly in mind. Our items are sustainably sourced through brands such as Eco Craft, the Sustainable Print and Sticker Shop as they use recycled materials and no plastic incorporated into production for our stickers, activity booklet, compost tracker and factsheet. Additionally, our soil pellets come from Green Gardeners and we use Kite packaging for our boxes as sustainability is our goal.

This eco-friendly box not only provides a learning opportunity for your kids to engrain positive views of helping the planet and doing their part but it also provides a way to get out of the house and spend quality time with your kids while making a difference. Compostivity helps us help you solve food waste issues through providing an educational, relaxing and cooperative experience which results in a distraction during these difficult times.

The kits include a sticker sheet of all your favorite fruits and vegetables which have been designed by one of our Creation & Design directors, giving Compostivity a signature style and single stickers of our logo. Not only is the Compostivity creativeness displayed in our signature stickers but also in the compost tracker which is perfect to keep kids motivated along their composting journey as they will be able to check off and track their compost progress. Additionally, our kits include a fun packed activity booklet with colouring in sheets, word searches, a maze and much more. Furthermore, you can use the cardboard box packaging to begin gathering your food and garden waste for your compost and then when that begins to decompose you can transfer to the alternatives we have stated in our website!

We can’t forget about Willis and Winnet, Compostivity’s signature mascots also created by our marketing team. If that wasn’t enough to excite your kids for their composting kits, we also include two envelopes of seeds for you to plant with one pack being a surprise, and of course your soil pellets. All items are packaged with eco-friendly tissue paper and inclosed in a cardboard box with our logo sticker on the top.

All the information on our boxes can be found on our website and our social medias @compostivity . If you want to support our company and play your part in making a change our boxes can be bought from our YE trading station through the following link,

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