Year 9 entrepreneurs’ eco friendly ‘brolly bottle’ collects Sixth Form prize

Would-be entrepreneurs in year 9 have been emulating their Sixth Form Young Enterprise role models this month. Several teams battled it out to come up with business plans for new products and business ideas in several fiercely contested heats.

In a great twist, the successful year 12 Young Enterprise ChopAway team who inspired them turned their hand to judging to assess their ideas, select three finalists and then one ultimate winning idea.

The three finalists had very different but equally interesting business propositions to offer. Team Calid came up with a nifty interior design app to help people decorate and refurbish any space. Team Vade created a truly ‘smart’ running jacket with inbuilt tech, eliminating the need to carry even a mobile phone. But the ultimate winner was Team BrollyBottle (Francesca, Olivia, Eleanor and Greta) with their idea for an umbrella that collects the rain and filters it into drinkable water in a reusable bottle.

Announcing the winner at assembly, head judge Lola said: “We were very impressed with this eco-friendly nature of the product and the fact that the team had really thought through every aspect of design and cost.”

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