Junior School Eco Week – 22nd to 26th Jan 2018 - Sydenham High School

Junior School Eco Week – 22nd to 26th Jan 2018


Our first Eco Week got off to a flying start with a hard-hitting assembly on Monday morning, organised and presented entirely by the Year 6 Eco Club members and jam-packed with all things ecological.

We started with a very thorough powerpoint presentation and then a short feature on keeping our own bodies and minds healthy as well as the Planet!
Then came an inspiring rap from class 3P, ‘Come on everybody it’s Eco Week!’, closely followed by a ten minute play written by Kayra J (6R) called ‘Mr Buzzz’ – all about saving the Bees. It was very funny and very thoughtful and conveyed just the right message to an attentive audience. E.B. from 3P then gave a very interesting presentation which she had written herself, about the dangers of plastic and what we need to do about it. Finally, the whole school performed Mr Welch’s rousing new song ‘Save the World’.

There were regular events at lunchtime every day in the Pagoda, run by the Eco Club, including a wildlife colouring competition and a stall with lots of interesting and stimulating information provided by the charity ‘Friends of the Earth’. Spring bulb planting took place daily in the Outdoor Classroom and a Food display was kindly provided by our new catering company, Accent.

One of the highlights of the week was a whole school ‘Pupil Pipeline’ to raise money for the charity Wateraid. Four house teams battled it out on the netball court to see if they could transport water without spilling a drop – a very enthusiastic and animated activity during which £42.20 was raised.

Three weekdays were specifically themed – ‘Food’, ‘Transport’, ‘Pollution’ – and various initiatives were launched including walk/cycle/carshare to school, switch-off (unnecessary lights etc) day in classrooms and a ‘Save the Bees’ Treasure hunt on ‘Campfire Friday’. On the Friday, all the school classes spent time in the Outdoor Classroom and school grounds, doing eco-based tasks, studying the environment and singing songs like ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ around the blazing campfire. A fitting end to a thoroughly inspiring and stimulating week, which has significantly raised the awareness of ecology and climate change, amongst the girls, their teachers and their parents.


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