Memories of lockdown

Our Head Girl team thought it would be interesting to create a memento of this unprecedented period and asked several pupils to send in memories of a day in the life of lockdown. Not only is this an interesting read now but it is sure to be in the years to come!

A day in the life – Sydenham High pupils during Lockdown

Throughout the period of Guided Home Learning at Sydenham High, we have been so impressed with the way in which our pupils have dealt with all that has come their way – not only the challenges of a new, rigorous online facilitation of the curriculum but the challenges that the pandemic posed socially and emotionally. The school as a whole really pulled together as a community, albeit from afar, with pupils participating in events from house challenges to charity fundraising and adapted brilliantly to the changes in routine. It was heartening to see how pupils and staff used the freedoms of teaching and learning from home to spark their creativity and we are that this period will stand them in good stead for the uncertainty of what lies ahead.

Our motto of Fear Nothing could not have been more apt during these past few months and the ‘can do’ approach which we instil in our pupils really shone through. Having a growth mindset during lockdown has proved to be invaluable and has unlocked further potential and talents in so many of our pupils.

– Katharine Woodcock, Headmistress


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